Thursday, June 19, 2014

Summer News and Notes

Even the plainest Day Lily is a glorious sight
A Tiger Swallowtail makes an Escallonia shrub even more beautiful

Another day-another park exploration!
Spring in Puget Sound has been a dual between the rain and sun, with our gardens reaping the rewards!  The bounty of blossoms on flowering trees and shrubs has been a real show, and the summer perennials are coming on super strong now too.  Everything is so green and colorful, from parks to parking lots, gardens to alleyways. It's a beautiful time to be outside in nature!

Much of my spring has been spent outside at Magnuson Park again this year, and my work in the nature programs there continues to increase. I feel very lucky that in a day's work I experience Eagles and Ospreys, Sparrows and Hummingbirds,  Frogs and Garter Snakes, as well as the kids and parents excited to see them all.  I have also had many happy days teaching garden education classes at Sand Point Elementary and Jane Addams K-8.

I also feel fortunate that over the years, I have had many opportunities to work with clients who are motivated to create beautiful gardens that also provide habitat for songbirds and other wildlife.... and the chance to share my gardening knowledge with groups of homeowners and professionals through classes and workshops throughout King and Snohomish Counties.  It's now been over 12 years since I began Green Light Gardening as a garden design and consulting business, and little did I know that this road would lead to so many other wonderful places!

As with all roads, sometimes a person has to stop and ponder which fork to take, and it's especially hard to choose when they all look so inviting... but I've finally faced the fact that I can't be in two places at once, doing everything that I wish I had time to do...  so I will be focusing all my future energies on teaching children and adults about sustainable gardening, and the art and science of observing nature in all its tiny and gigantic glory!

Garden art at home

The art of stalking (Cardinal Meadowhawk dragonfly at Magnuson)